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Who is Jeremy Lips?
Fusing a mastery of photography, theatrical lighting design, and visual communications, I am driven by a fervent dedication to crafting photographic images brimming with authenticity. 

Through the interplay of color, composition, and meticulously sculpted lighting, my team and I produce visually arresting imagery that eloquently conveys the core values and visual identities of the brands I service. 

My portfolio boasts a diverse array of collaborations, spanning from prominent ad agencies and burgeoning startups to venerable restaurants and esteemed publications. Above all, I am not just a photographer - I am your creative partner. 

What's was a pivotal moment that transformed my approach to photography?
In 1997, my perspective on photography underwent a profound evolution after reading  "The Aesthetics of Transience" in Eye Magazine. This seminal article illuminated a seismic shift in design philosophy precipitated by the advent of technology. The emergence of computers and Photoshop catalyzed a departure from rigid grid-based design toward more fluid, captivating solutions. Designers then began to explore novel avenues to captivate and engage viewers.

This revelation spurred the formulation of a guiding artistic ethos that underpins my every project. I believe that impactful photography, design, and advertising must achieve three critical objectives:

1. Encourage exploration: Each piece should serve as a visual journey, guiding viewers through its elements with masterful composition and subtle nuance. In my food photography, for instance, I tantalize the palate by positioning ingredients in the background as flavor cues.

2. Evoke memorability: A successful piece resonates deeply. It evokes sensory memories that linger in the mind of the viewer. I strive to elicit profound recall whether it's the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the indulgence of a decadent dessert, or the nostalgia of a beachside stroll. 

3. Deliver brand messaging effectively: Ultimately, the success of any campaign hinges on its ability to convey the intended brand message with clarity and impact. After all, what good is a campaign if it fails to leave a lasting imprint and a call to action. 

What are my interests beyond photography? 

Beyond the lens, I am deeply committed to fostering thriving freelance enterprises. Active involvement in organizations like The American Society of Media Photographers and The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City, where I serve on the executive board, underscores my dedication to supporting fellow creatives on their journey to success. 

Additionally, I find joy in the culinary arts, reveling in the intricacies of cooking, as well as indulging in leisurely rounds of golf and overseeing a spirited fantasy football league. Based in both NYC and Kansas City, I eagerly embrace opportunities for collaboration on a global scale.