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The truth about our dogs - from Three Dog Bakery 

  We find a universal truth of pet parenting is that no matter how naughty your pup may be - and the ultimate threats we may give in the moment - we tend to forgive them fairly quickly – most definitely by next treat time!

  That’s the inspiration behind our “Treat Naughty Nice” holiday marketing campaign we just launched. “As pet parents, we know first-hand how much holiday mischief pups can get into,” says Marella Oviedo, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer. “Snooping under the tree, tearing open gifts regardless of the name on the tag, or sneaking in a bite off Santa’s treats plate! We took these moments and had a blast working with three phenomenal four-legged actors to capture those naughty moments, featuring our limited-edition holiday treats.”

The Challenge:

  Produce a fun social campaign that celebrates Three Dog Bakery's limited edition holiday treats in festive holiday themed packaging. 

  Create a meaningful connection with pet parents who want only the best for their furry family members

Treat Naughty Nice!

The Solution: 

  We created warm, cozy environments that feel like home using a combination of traditional and modern holiday elements. 

  Dog themed props such as wrapping paper and Christmas tree ornaments were mixed with traditional props like The Elf on the Shelf and oversized nutcrackers so our fury family member wouldn't feel left out.   


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The Results 

"Our marketing team had so much fun shooting our holiday campaign, Treat Naughty Nice. Showcasing the naughty behaviors of our best furry friends hit home with our pet community, helping deliver record e-commerce success." - Three Dog Bakery