The Secret Ingredient

The inspiration for this personal project was a close friend's restaurant / roastery / coffee house in Kona Hawaii. I wanted to create a series of images with a common theme or ingredient. The ingredient is flavorful, aromatic, earthy. It adds balance to everything from sauces and rubs to marinades and drinks. 

It's coffee! The secret ingredient is yummy yummy coffee!     

All the recipes were crafted for the restaurant by their in-house chefs and use 100% Kona coffee. 

Food styling by Christine Langfeld.

"Jeremy reached out about using some recipes for his own fun and I was happy to oblige. Then, when putting together my book, the publisher asked if we could use his photos. When I saw Jeremy's photos, it was clear he had mad skill. He elevated those recipes beyond what anyone was tasting. To this day, I get hungry just looking at them!"

- Shawn Steiman PhD. (AKA Doctor Coffee)

The Hawaii Coffee Book - Second Edition

As we were nearing the end of the project, Watermark Publishing reached out to Shawn about releasing a second addition to his first book. The recipes and images were perfect for the cooking with coffee section. A discussion was had, details worked out, and a personal project turned into published work.